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5 Reasons to Choose PVC Over Polypropylene Floor Tiles

PVC Injection Moulding Machine for Interlocking Tiles

When it comes to choosing interlocking floor tiles, the choice is normally between polypropylene and PVC. Although polypropylene is sometimes the most suitable material, PVC floor tiles are a strong contender, and here’s why.

Characteristic Comparison: PVC vs Polypropylene

  1. Flexibility of Installation
    One of the most desirable properties of PVC floor tiles is flexibility. PVC tiles will follow the contours of the floor and cope with unevenness, even if your floor is damaged or is laid over several levels. Compared to polypropylene’s rigid structure, PVC’s versatility makes this flooring solution easier to install, more forgiving and extremely suitable for bearing heavy loads.
  2. Sound Absorption
    Ecotile interlocking PVC floor tiles are made up of a dense, solid structure that when laid flat on the floor absorbs both sound and vibrations. Although this isn’t the first reason why people would choose PVC for their flooring solution, the reduction of up to 46 decibels can make a significant difference. If you work in a cavernous warehouse or noisy production area, choosing PVC over polypropylene flooring can make a huge difference.
  3. Impact Resistance
    PVC and polypropylene have different structures as the chemical properties of each material dictate the way they can be moulded. Polypropylene tiles usually have a grid structure which means it can be brittle and snap under stress. PVC tiles need fewer flow lines to achieve dimensional stability and prefer a solid structure. This dense, solid make-up of PVC interlocking floor tiles not only absorbs but resists too; it has the ability to support heavier loads and offer better impact resistance. This is advantageous if you will be using forklifts or heavily loaded pallet trucks on the tiles.
  4. Health and Safety
    Polypropylene tiles often have holes in them which gives the impression that they are for drainage purposes, therefore offering a higher level of anti-slip protection. However, there are holes because it is easier and cheaper to manufacture polypropylene this way because you use less material. There is a lot more resistance and friction from PVC floor tiles and you can feel this if you rub your foot over both materials; all of our tiles achieve an R10 slip rating.
  5. Why You Should Choose Ecotile PVC Flooring
    Our PVC flooring has been used in factories, schools and offices across Europe for over 25 years – and these are only some of the reasons why. Ecotile is a high quality flooring that is designed to cope with heavy vehicle traffic and provide thermal insulation and complete versatility so it can be used almost anywhere!

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