Lifestyle Outdoor Flooring FAQ’s

We’re used to helping customers, and we know exactly what kind of queries arise. If you are unsure about anything, you can find some frequently asked questions below. If there is any information or queries that aren’t answered below, give us a call or send us an email at

PLEASE NOTE: The following information only applies to the Ecotile Lifestyle Outdoor Flooring Range. Follow this link if you are looking for FAQ’s about the Ecotile E500 range.

How Much Weight Can Ecotile Lifestyle Support?

130 kilograms per cm squared, or 500 tonnes spread across 1 square meter.

Can I Use Ecotile Lifestyle Outdoors?

Yes, the standard tiles have been specifically designed for outdoor use and are suitable for all weather conditions.

How Long Will My Ecotile Lifestyle Floor Last?

In excess of 20 years

Will My Tiles Fade Or Distort Over Time?

Absolutely not, Ecotile Lifestyle is made from durable polypropylene and is 100% UV stable

What Keeps An Ecotile Lifestyle Tile In Position?

The cleverly designed interlocking system. No nails, screws, bolts or glue required

How Do I Install Ecotile Lifestyle?

There is no need for either glue or special tools when laying a Lifestyle floor. All you need is a rubber mallet and perhaps a yardstick and a saw.

  1. Start in a corner. Place a tile either side of the corner tile and work your way out. Remember always turn the protruding rings in the same direction (forwards).
  2.  Fix the tiles with the connection taps over the protruding rings and fit them together with sharp strokes of a rubber mallet.
    A) Always install a Ecotile  Lifstyle floor on a clean, hard and even surface. Allow a 5 mm gap from walls, doorsteps etc  if the flooring is likely to be exposed to varying temperatures.
    B) If you need to cut the tiles to size they can be cut with a jigsaw or the like.
    C) If you want to conceal cables we offer cable strips.  A straight section for hiding your cables (up to 6 mm). Can also be used just for decoration.
    D) If you want nice edges in open spaces, we offer edge strips and corner strips. A neat, practical edging for your Ecotile Lifestyle Floor

How Do I Cut Tiles To Fit Against Walls And Objects?

You can cut them with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw

How Many Tiles Make A m2 & How Are The Tiles Packaged?

There are 7 tiles to a square meter. Each box contains 35 tiles or 5 m2.

Is The Packaging Heavy & Costly To Ship?

No, polypropylene is a very light material and the tiles are not solid so a box of tiles only weighs 15 kgs

What Are The Benefits Of Having Holes In The Tiles?

Ventilating the substrate reduces condensation and dampness

To allow surface water to drain away

To maximise the anti-slip performance of the tiles

To maximise airflow

To allow the existing floor to breathe

What If Something Falls Through The Holes?

The holes are very small so that is unlikely to happen but if it does simply unzip and then replace one or more tiles. If you’re working with really tiny parts we recommend laying a drop sheet underneath.

Can I Lay The Tiles Over A Damp Floor?

Yes, this is a very common use of the tiles. Instead of sealing in the moisture Ecotile Lifestyle allows the damp substrate to breathe and lifts anything you are storing in the area off the damp surface.

What About Vehicles On An Ecotile Lifestyle Floor?

Ecotile Lifestyle is ideal for use  in garages, factories and warehouses.Talk to our customer service team about the best tile for your application.

Do I Need To Take Up The Tiles During Winter?

No, they’re unaffected by rain, snow, or ice.

The Best Way To Clean Ecotile Lifestyle?

Whenever required, vacuum to remove dust and mop using a gentle detergent. The holes allow dust to be vacuumed up easily.

Can I Install The Tiles Directly Over Grass?

No, if being laid on a grassy area, sand (stone powder) will need to be laid and compressed. Then on top, a geotextile ( i.e Tencate PP15 or similar) with a fine structure needs to be laid.

Will Chlorine From A Swimming Pool Stain My Tiles?

No, Ecotile Lifestyle has been specifically designed to cope with all the chemicals required to maintain a hygienic swimming pool.

Can I Walk On The TIles Bare Foot In Hot Conditions?

Yes, that’s one of the main benefits of Ecotile Lifestyle. The tiles are UV protected and the holes allow maximum airflow to keep the tiles from getting too hot. You don’t have to worry about burning your feet when you get out of the swimming pool.