Playground & Sports Flooring

Aesthetics and Performance – The Ultimate Balance

To create a faultless sports facility, quality must be established from the ground up. Sports flooring is a fundamental component that should be considered from the outset of a project when the overall objectives are being set. The sheer amount of running, jumping, twisting and turning involved with most sports, can place a great strain on an athlete’s joints.

For some single sport facilities such as basketball courts,  it may simply be a question of selecting the ideal surface for that particular sport. However, economic and programming factors in today’s day and age require a degree of multi-function. Some sports facilities are used for social or commercial activities too, which makes choosing sports flooring that little bit harder.

Fortunately, Ecotile’s sports flooring range solves this problem as it can be laid quickly and easily to provide a seamless surface designed for sports use both indoors and outdoors.
The interlocking tiles have a perforated network pattern so the small holes allow rainwater to drain away quickly and dry fast and also allows air to circulate. This means that even after a heavy shower you can continue your game safely and without getting covered in mud!

A Sprung Floor

When playing sports, it is important that the surface of the floor is smooth, even and comfortable to play on. A very important design aspect of Ecotile Lifestyle is the anti-fatigue features that create a sprung floor effect easing any strain on back and joints. They are built to reduce fatigue and create a comfortable playing surface for athletes.

Low Maintenance Sports Flooring

The non-toxic and hygienic nature of our tiles also makes them ideal for playgrounds. The free draining surface means they can be easily cleaned and of course there’s no mud to be tracked indoors! Remove fallen leaves by sweeping or using a leaf blower. In spring, clean the court surface using a street sweeper. If a tile does become damaged, it can be removed out of the court and replaced with ease. If moss grows on the substrate, it can be killed using a proprietory moss killer and then brushed off.
The Multisport tile is designed specifically to be used for sports and is often used to create netball, basketball, badminton, in-line hockey and Five-a-side football courts and we have a special tile designed specially for tennis courts that has a very fine aggregate in the surface to increase the anti-slip performance and ensure the correct height and ball spin. Lifestyle sports flooring is manufactured at our UK factory from environmentally friendly recyclable polypropylene. This material is incredibly tough and will withstand the impact of high intensity games being played on it; in fact you can even park on it!

Bespoke Layouts

Ecotile Sports Flooring is great for bespoke designs and layouts. The selection of strong colours can be used to create fun, attractive designs that will set their imaginations free while the sprung surface protects them from accidents when playtime gets too exciting. The tiles are great for creating mini-courts, but can easily be extended or adapted. The tiles are UV stable so you can be confident that the colour will never fade and your court layout will continue to be perfectly clear – we don’t want to cause any arguments over whether the ball was in or out.

They are also ideal for home games areas if you want to put in a bit of extra practice and provide the perfect surface for roller skating, roller blading and inline skating. The wide range of colours and flexible designs makes Ecotile sports flooring perfect for playgrounds and child sports events.

Easy To Install

All this from a simple click-together, factory quality system.  A court surface can be installed over any hard surface, including existing tarmac and is a simple retro-fit system.  The tiles interlock without specialist tools or adhesives and can change the appearance of an outdoor or indoor area in just a few hours.

Edge tiles and corners are available to eliminate trip hazards if you want to lay a patch within a larger area or for doorways if you use the tiles indoors.


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